Personal Support Worker (PSW)

Personal Support Worker (PSW) Program Outline 


This information document is intended for students who want to learn about our PSW program.  This program overview gives some details as to how our PSW (Personal Support Program) will run.  The program was developed due to the shortages of Personal Support Workers in our Simcoe Muskoka communities!   Students who complete the program will be fully qualified and able to apply for full-time employment!  


This Program Pathway has been created to assist students in a Health and Wellness Specialist High Skills Major who are interested in graduating from Secondary School as a qualified Personal Support Worker.  This program is open to students in grades 11, 12 or over graduates 21 and under, who would like to participate, even if they are not currently in a Health and Wellness SHSM.

Program Costs and Opportunities! The 2024-2025 PSW courses listed below are FREE and

Students will be given:

PSW Scrubs (to wear while on placement) 

PSW Textbook

PSW Workbook (that will be completed as part of the program) 

Cooperative Education lab book (that will list the skills and competencies that students have to learn and demonstrate and keep on file as part of their certification)

Government Incentives!

Placement Stipend: Up to $5,400 while completing clinical placement in long-term care or home/community care. Commitment Incentives: Commit to 12 months in long-term care for $10,000, plus another $10,000 if in a rural/remote/northern location.

After the start of the program, students can decide not to complete the PSW qualification but can still earn the secondary credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Program Outline:

Offered as part of our Health and Wellness Specialist High Skills Major (students in school without Health and Wellness will be able to participate).  Courses will be offered through the Brightspace remote learning platform at night and during the summer.  Program teachers will connect with students in person as well through the course and placement visits.


TPJ3C: HealthCare Technology/Anatomy (open to everyone that wants to investigate the PSW Pathway) 

TOJ4C:  Child Development and Genealogy (PSW Specific Course)

TPJ4C: HealthCare Clinical Skills (PSW Labs and Learning skills)

4-Credit Cooperative Education: ( Long Term Care Home and/or other PSW Placement)


In addition to the courses, students will earn:

  • CPR
  • Emergency First Aid
  • AED
  • GPA Alzheimer's
  • Elder Abuse in-service
  • Acquired Brain Injury in-service/certification
  • Other qualifications may be added

Potential Schedules 2024-2025 School Year

PSW program will start in September 2024.  We want to be able to give students a pathway to become a qualified Personal Support Worker by the end of the program. This schedule may evolve based on student enrollment.

credit packages will be delivered via Virtual Night School with some mandatory Face to Face sessions.
First course will be
TPJ3O followed by TOJ4C and course three TPJ4C.  Students will have the option of having coop placements during Semester 2. 

Placements can be through Day School Coop or SHSM Night School.

Next Steps

If you are interested in this program and would like to be included in receiving more information or register for the program, please complete the following form:

PSW Program Registration / of Interest Form Expression